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Wholesale Innovative Electric Aroma Esential Oil Diffuser

Wholesale Innovative Electric Aroma Esential Oil Diffuser

Aromatherapy machine by ultrasonic oscillation equipment to produce high frequency oscillation, dissolved the water molecules and the plant essential oil into a diameter of 0.15 micron nanoscale cold fog in the surrounding air, the air full of fragrance. With lavender, tea tree oil to get more pronounced effect - cold fog produced ultrasonic oscillations can send out and keep 100% essential oil of effective ingredients, make the oil more easily absorbed by human body full to play out the biggest effect; In 2 seconds, you can feel the aromatherapy effect of the original ecology. It is different from traditional heating and combustion type thermal fog. The cold fog technology does not damage any component of essential oil, it does not produce secondary pollution, and it is safer to use. Aromatherapy is a kind of fashion, a kind of culture, it is a kind of spiritual sustenance that pursues the high taste life crowd. Essential oil aroma diffuserrapy , illumination, humidification and purification.

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Product Details

1. Product size of about: 12.4* 12.4 * 21.5CM
2. Material: ABS + PP+Water Transfer Printing
3. Packing: color box
4. Working voltage: DC5V
5. Capacity: 120mL
6. Outside the box data about: 73.5* 55.5 * 28.0CM / 12PCS (packing number) 
7. Unit Weight: about 320G


Flower LED Aromatherapy humidifier/Aroma Diffuser
Model: KH-X135A Color: Blue,Pink,Start Blue,Start Green

* Power:5W;DC5V/1A,Frequency:3.0MHZ;1.5M cable
* Water tank: 200ML,Eco-Friendly Material: PP+ABS 
* Working time: 8-10hrs,Timing:1hr, 2hr. Effective area: 10-20square meter 
* LED colofur lighting,manual or automatic switch to light.
* When no water,it will power-off automatically,Timed work
* Warm night lamp, air humidification, charming fragrance, purify the air. 
* Aromatherapy humidification,Aromatic aroma to Moisten your life.
* Large Fog, not wet desktop,fast moisture, Fragrant aroma.
* Colorful LED night light, brings you comfort and romance in night.
* Function: Aromatherapy/humidification /clean & reflash air.
* Purify & reflash indoor air, keep healthy in the room/indoor
* The humidfy effect to remove dust and static electricity.
* To add some essential oil into the humidifier,clean air.

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