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Humidifier applications
- Apr 13, 2018 -

1. The humidity requirements of electronics factory, semiconductor factory, program control room, explosion-proof factory and other places are generally 40%~60%RH. If the relative humidity is not enough, static electricity will increase, which will reduce the product yield, damage the chip, even Some explosion-proof places will cause explosions. The harm caused by “electrostatic bombardment” is immeasurable. When the humidity is lower than 40% RH, static electricity is easily generated. Although people take many measures to remove static electricity, the air humidity will be Raising to 45% RH or more is absolutely effective.

2. The humidity requirements of textile factories, printing plants, film factories and other places are generally very high, generally more than 60% RH, such as the textile plant's humidity requirements are generally between 50% to 85% RH, yellow chemical section to prevent static electricity, Spinning section to prevent Glauber's salt crystals need high humidity, the moisture content of cotton fiber directly affect the fiber strength, in short, the air conditioning in the textile workshop to ensure the relative humidity required by the process. In the printing and film production process, insufficient humidity will cause problems such as inaccurate chromatography, paper shrinkage, paper adhesion, and product quality degradation.

3. The humidity requirement of precision machining lathes and various measuring chambers is generally between 40% and 65% RH, such as precision bearing finishing, high-precision scoring machine, mechanics metering room, electric metering room, etc. If the humidity is not enough As a result, the accuracy of the processed product is reduced and the measurement data is distorted.