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Humidifier electric heating features
- Apr 13, 2018 -

1. Stable and reliable performance, and can get higher humidification control accuracy.

2. The electric heating pipe adopts low power density design and adopts special scale treatment method, which has long service life.

3. The water surface decontamination (foam) device removes mineral impurities floating on the surface of the water and removes dirt on the surface as much as possible. The tank is equipped with a special solenoid valve, timing control of drainage, can completely remove the precipitated minerals and impurities.

4. The maintenance workload is minimal, the latest scientific and technological achievements are used to solve the scaling problem, repeated thermal expansion, and the scaling of the cooling shrink tank and the surface of the electric heating tube is constantly falling off.

5. Safe circuit design, three-stage circuit protection: short circuit, overheating, leakage protection function to make it free from the user's concerns. Anti-dry burning design, when the heating element exposes the water surface, anti-drying device starts, cut off the power, protect the heating element from being burned.