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Humidifier humidification comparison
- Apr 13, 2018 -

Ultrasonic humidification refers to the use of efficient ultrasonic vibration to achieve air humidification technology, a major breakthrough in air humidification technology. Ultrasonic humidification technology has the characteristics of high humidification efficiency, low power consumption, good stability, and high safety. It can realize temperature control and humidity control independently and without interference.

The electric humidifier generates heat according to the electric current through the resistor, and the electric energy is converted into heat energy. The electric heating tube is immersed in the water, and the electric heat tube generates heat, so that the water boils into water vapor. The RCA type electric humidifier creates a humidity environment. Three processes:

1. Generate steam: Boiling water through electric heating produces steam.

2. Control: The generation and supply of steam are controlled by a microcomputer equipped with a humidifier.

3. Propagation: The flow of steam through a steam diffusion device into an air handler or duct.

The three process components work together as a system to form a complete electric humidifier.