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Humidifier troubleshooting
- Apr 13, 2018 -

The first step: atomization film to scale

The humidifier is windy and fog-free, and tap water is used for a long time. The scale that stays causes water and alkali to bind on the vibration plate, and it cannot operate normally. The fog is naturally less or cannot be sprayed. Treatment method: homemade lemon scale removal. Lemon contains a lot of citrate, can inhibit the crystallization of calcium salts.

Note: Do not use strong acids, which is not conducive to maintenance, and there are safety hazards.

Step 2: Check if there is a problem with the transducer

Treatment method: Open the bottom cover and check if the insurance is burned. If not, there may be a stuck floater. Take the water tank and use the cup to add the water base and try to open it (use the manual float, the float is a circle, It is generally white. If you still do not spray, replace the atomizer. Some atomization plates are made of stainless steel and cannot be scratched with hard objects during processing. Once the metal plating falls off, the atomization plate does not work properly. The fog cannot come out and needs to be replaced. However, after replacing the internal atomization plate, it is still looking for products after sale. Because the specifications of the atomizer are not the same.

Step 3: Check if the fan is out of the wind

There are two conditions for the humidifier to work: 1. The ceramic oscillator vibrates to produce water mist. 2. The fan turns and sends the water mist out. If you can work but do not see the spray of water mist, improper operation, the fan has failed. Treatment method: Too long to be dead, add a little bit of lubricating oil and try it out. If it doesn't work, look for it.