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Transducer good or bad judgment method
- Apr 13, 2018 -

The transducer plate is a piezoelectric ceramic chip, which converts electrical energy into mechanical energy; it is an important component of a humidifier. After the humidifier is used for a period of time, it is prone to fogging or no fogging (such as the form of a fountain that only sprays the water column without fogging), which is mostly caused by scaling, inefficiency, or depolarization failure of the transducer plate.

To determine the quality of the transducer is: First of all, see if there is fragmentation of the transducer, defects, whether the surface of the thin silver layer is smooth off and blisters. If the bubbling occurs and the thin silver layer partially falls off and exposes the brown crystal inside (piezoelectric ceramic), it is an extremely inefficient or invalid transducer. Available megohmmeter or multimeter R×10K file to measure leakage or breakdown. The leakage is mostly due to the aging of the waterproof gasket, which causes the back surface of the transducer to get wet or sticky. Can use anhydrous alcohol cotton to wipe the dirt on the front and back and use a hair dryer to dry, generally can return to normal.