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Commercial Humidifier Features
- Apr 13, 2018 -

1, commercial humidifier spray volume is medium. Can not be too small, more than a hundred square meters of commercial space, too little humidification is meaningless.

2, commercial humidifier needs to work reliably. The business environment requires lower failure rates of work.

3, commercial humidifier to facilitate maintenance. Any commercial environment is long-term work, and equipment that cannot be maintained is not suitable for use.

4. Commercial humidifiers should be as energy-efficient as possible. The long-term use of commercial environments has a strong demand for energy conservation.

5, the volume of commercial humidifiers. The commercial environment is generally compact and tends to miniaturize the volume of humidification equipment.

6, commercial humidifier water supply. The commercial environment is complex and complicated, requiring diverse water supply to the humidifier. The water supply method should be flexible and convenient.