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Essential Mist Industrial Ultrasonic Oil Diffuser
- Jun 13, 2018 -

Products features:

Your Good Night Sleep Helper
Are you tired of the annoying buzzing sound your oil diffuser makes?
Benefits range from reducing fatigue to relieving insomnia to lowering mental stress. It’s time for you to enjoy a good night’s sleep and an energetic morning.

Keep Your Skin Hydrated and Moisturized
The ultra-quiet portable ultrasonic humidifier keeps your living space clean and properly moisturized. Don't let prevent dry air, dry skin, and flu/cold germs ruin your day, especially with the huge 300mL water capacity and up to 10-12 hours of use. The auto shut-off feature will turn the device off when it runs out of water, so keep it on as long as you want.

Perfect for Multi-Occasion
7 color changing LED lightsallows the Holan Essential Oil Diffuser to fit in any room. Keep one in your bedroom for a better night’s sleep, one in the living room for the family, and then one in the office for mind-soothing restoration at work.