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How To Judge Whether The Humidifier Oscillates
- Apr 13, 2018 -

1 Visual inspection method. As long as the humidifier can spray, it means that the oscillator has been working (when the fog is not obvious can be observed with a flashlight and a magnifying glass).

2 listen to murmur method. When the humidifier oscillates weakly, the amount of fog generated by its transducer is not obvious. Can not determine whether it is oscillating, you can find a semi-conductor radio placed no station position, open the volume close to the humidifier (within 30cm or less), and then open the humidifier power switch, if you can receive noise interference (noise size by fog The effect of the volume control potentiometer is that the oscillation is strong when the fog is large and the noise is large; the noise of the fog is small and the noise is small; indicating that the humidifier oscillates. On the other hand, no interference from the noise is the humidifier not oscillating.