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Humidifier Maintenance
- Apr 13, 2018 -

1. Ultrasonic humidifier uses pure water to humidify, because many areas have relatively hard water, that is to say, high calcium and magnesium ions, plus some water purifying agents such as bleaching powder used in the treatment of water in the water treatment plant. These components are used to humidify the humidifier. It is very unfavorable that a part of calcium and magnesium ions are sprayed together with the water mist, dispersed on the surface of the object and on the ground. After drying, a “white powder”-like scale is formed. The other part is deposited on the surfaces of the transducer plate and the sink to form a solid scale. Impaired water quality, and scaling of the surface of the transducer chip, will affect the humidification effect, and even the lack of timely cleaning will cause the transducer to increase load, burn the transducer and electronic components.

2. Timely replacement of the water in the tank, because the water is stored for a long time, the water quality will change, so long when not in use, do not put water in the tank and the sink.

3. Do not add inferior additives (such as perfumes) in the water tank, which can easily cause cracks in the water tank and the base's watering area, affecting the normal operation of the machine.

4. When humidifier is collected, please clean the water part and dry it. If it is placed in a ventilated place, it shall be air-dried and then put into the packing box. <Hint: Do not pack in plastic bags collection>

5. Clean transducer